Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coupon Books

A friend gave me brouchures of his trip to Oahu (2004)to review. Included were 2-3 coupon books with discounts for tours and meals. He said he got them in Oahu but I am anal retentive and like to have everything planned before hand. Anyone know how to order these coupn books? Thanks in advance.

Coupon Books

Pirate -- there are LOADS of them in the luggage area of the airport. Do not worry. Just pick the most current version when you grab your luggage. Same goes for the other islands.

Keep in mind that these are ADVERTISEMENTS. Just because they are in the book - doesn%26#39;t mean that the food is good or the activity is worthwhile (v. tourist trap). And there may be timeshare presentation requirements. Buyer beware.

Coupon Books

Oahu Gold - You can read the entire brochure online including ads %26amp; coupons. You can also order one for a few $$. Scroll to the bottom %26amp; click on the cover for Oahu.

This Week on Oahu - Same Scroll to the bottom %26amp; click on the cover for Oahu.

101 Things to do on Oahu - Same Scroll %26amp; click on the cover for Oahu.

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